President's Message




Tom Weichel, PAAM President

Welcome to the Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan’s website.

“A prosecutor's role within our judicial system is to seek justice and not merely to convict.” People v. Meissner, 294 Mich. App. 438, 455, 812 N.W.2d 37, 47 (2011).

The Prosecuting Attorney represents the people of the state of Michigan in criminal cases and makes certain justice is done for the people, the victim, and the defendant. Prosecutors should act with integrity and balanced judgement with a goal of increasing public safety.  Prosecutors have many constitutional and other ethical duties that they must follow when handling cases. A prosecutor has many responsibilities, and one of the most important is the review of cases submitted by law enforcement to decide whether there is enough evidence to charge the case. That’s why prosecutors are the first line of defense for those suspected of crimes.

Prosecutors also advocate for crime victims, working to protect their constitutional and statutory rights. Prosecutors and victim advocates notify victims of court proceedings and the outcomes of criminal cases. Prosecutors make sure victims have an opportunity to participate in proceedings when permitted by law, including the right to speak to the court at sentencing hearings.

Not sure who your prosecutor is?  You can find more information in the section, “About Us.”

Thomas J. Weichel