Prosecuting Attorneys Coordinating Council

The Michigan Prosecuting Attorneys Coordinating Council is a state agency that heads the Office of Prosecuting Attorney Coordination, an autonomous entity within the Department of Attorney General

Pursuant to section 238 of PA 166 of 2022, the Prosecuting Attorneys Coordinating Council posts this notice that it has adopted a hybrid policy that includes in-person, remote, and alternative work arrangements. The department or agency has the authority to assign and schedule its employees and determine their work location.  This policy also provides for work options contingent upon the operational needs of the department or agency.  Approval is at the discretion of the department or agency and can be changed or rescinded based upon operational needs.  The policy includes which positions may qualify for a work option, how to request one and the requirements necessary for approval.

PACC’S CEO is the Executive Director, Cheri Bruinsma who is appointed by the Council’s Executive Committee. The Assistant Executive Director is Dianna Collins.

The most recent PAAC Meeting Minutes can be found here:  folder PACC Minutes

PACC is funded to provide services to Michigan's Prosecuting Attorneys, their assistants, and other office staff. PACC's services include:

Continuing Professional Education 

PACC develops and conducts seminars throughout the year for all members of the prosecutors' staff, including secretaries and victim-witness personnel. 

PACC also administers an annual grant from the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards to provide funds for prosecutors and their personnel to attend PACC training events and other professional educational opportunities.

Legal Publications 

PACC publishes a monthly newsletters: The Michigan Prosecutor, which keeps Michigan's prosecutors informed of the most recent legislative, judicial and technical changes affecting their duties. PACC also publishes CD's on various topics affecting a prosecutor's responsibilities.

Legal Research Assistance 

PACC provides legal research assistance for Michigan's prosecutors.

Office Automation Services 

PACC staff installs and upgrades an automated work-management systems in Michigan's prosecutors' offices. The product generates warrants, subpoenas, court schedules, victim's rights notices, statistics and managerial reports. PACC interfaces with MI-VINE (Michigan Victim Notification Everyday), a computerized system that notifies victims by telephones. PACC also interfaces with various district and circuit systems and State Police Criminal History. 

Administration of Grant-Funded Services 

PACC supervises and administers grant-funded services provided to Michigan prosecuting attorneys, including state-wide training for prosecutors and their staffs. These grants include Traffic Safety Training Services, Domestic Violence Training Services, Child Abuse Training Services and Victim Rights Training Services.

 Coordination of Statewide Prosecution Activities


 PACC was created in 1972 by the Prosecuting Attorneys Coordinating Office Act (MCL 49.101, et seq; 1972 PA 203).