President’s Message

President’s Message

Jeffrey S. Getting, PAAM President

Welcome to the Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan website, which offers a comprehensive look at our training units, postings for careers and internships and calendars for upcoming events. If you are not sure who the elected prosecutor is in your county, you can click here for contact information: Prosecutor Directory.

A prosecutor’s job is to ensure justice. As Michigan’s elected prosecutors, we serve in all 83 counties, in every corner of our state. Prosecutors are advocates, not just in the courtroom, but in our communities. The causes we advocate- public safety, protecting kids and seniors, helping victims of crime, advancing justice, and providing public service, are the backbone of society.

The elected prosecutor is the first line of defense in the cause of justice. That may mean declining charges when a case cannot be proven, or dismissing a case when additional evidence is uncovered. It is a prosecutor who is called on to decide if protesters are engaged in lawful First Amendment activity or have committed a crime; whether police were justified in an officer-involved shooting, whether your neighbor should be charged with domestic violence, whether a defendant should be offered a diversion program, or what the terms of a plea agreement should be. As the first line of defense, the prosecutor makes these decisions based on what is right, not what is easy or popular.

It is the Prosecutor who seeks to hold people accountable for their actions and ensure that the consequence imposed is measured and appropriate. Keeping our communities safe for everyone is always our priority.

PAAM’s membership continues to advocate for and serve our common goals of justice and safer communities.

Jeff Getting,