Assistant Prosecuting Attorney – Oceana County




POSITION DESCRIPTION:Under the direction of the Prosecuting Attorney, serves at the pleasure of the Prosecuting Attorney under MCL49.35, reviews and authorizes requests for warrants, determines the appropriate charge and prosecutes criminal and civil cases. Manages a docket of cases in the District Court, Circuit Court, Family Court or Probate Court. May be assigned to complex and sensitive cases or serve as project director for targeted crimes, depending on experience and skills. Attempts to resolve and dispose of criminal cases or tries case in court.
POSTED DA TE:Friday, June 30, 2023
APPLICATION DEADLINE:Posted until filled
CURRENT SALARY:40 hrs. per week; annual wage starting at $62,893



  • Law degree from an accredited law school and a license to practice law in the State of Michigan in good standing.
  • Valid Michigan driver’s license.


  • At least two years of previous criminal law experience preferred. Excellent research and writing skills, highly preferred. A legal writing sample and cover letter are required with submission of a job application.


  • Reviews criminal charging requests from state and local law enforcement agencies, analyzes police reports and other records related to investigation files, consults the law enforcement officer(s) and victims, researches the law as necessary to determine applicable statutes, and determines whether adequate grounds exist to authorize a criminal complaint.
  • Researches and prepares criminal cases for trial, motion, sentencing, and other proceedings. Includes the research of applicable laws, interviewing witnesses and investigating claims, developing trial strategies and directing law enforcement officers in further investigations.
  • Appears in all county courts for arraignments, motions, trials, sentencing and other proceedings to represent the Prosecuting Attorney. Selects juries, presents arguments, examines and cross examines witnesses, introduces physical exhibits, confers with Judge and defense counsel on points of law and procedure, and argues factual conclusions to Judge or jury.
  • Works cooperatively with law enforcement officers from various agencies to ensure investigation and reporting of assigned cases are accomplished in accordance with professional and judicial rules and standards. Provides advice and instruction to police agencies.
  • Attempts to resolve and dispose of pending criminal or delinquency cases justly by conferring with attorneys and parties involved in order to reach agreement on pleas and potential sentences. All plea bargaining is subject to office policies and procedures.
  • Drafts motions, briefs and other legal documents in allcourts.
  • Assists the Prosecuting Attorney in all Family and Probate Court matters including abuse, neglect, delinquency and mental commitment cases. Includes review of juvenile petitions, case research, investigation and presentation incourt.
  • Reviews requests for search warrants and approves warrants as appropriate for presentation to a judge or magistrate.
  • Researches and renders opinions on a wide range of legal issues involving the county and advises county departments and agencies on legal issues.
  • Assists in the preparation and presentation of appeals of cases from the courts. Prepares statistical reports for the Prosecuting Attorney as needed.
  • Serves in an on-call status to review charge requests and search warrants outside of regular office hours. Includes responding to police requests for search warrants for blood from suspected drunk drivers.
  • Represents the Prosecuting Attorney in a variety of public forums.

The qualifications listed above are guidelines for selection purposes; alternative qualifications may be substituted if sufficient to perform the duties of the job.

All interested parties should submit cover letter, resume, writing sample, and references to the following address:

Oceana County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office

Attn: Mr. Joseph J. Bizon

I 00 S. State Street, Suite L-14, Hart, MI 49420

Or email to