Victim Advocate- Dept. of Attorney General

DEPARTMENT: Michigan Attorney General Office

JOB TITLE: Victim Advocate

JOB TYPE: Limited Term (position has expiration date)

COMPENSATION: $22.00 per hour

JOB DESCRIPTION: This position is for a person who will assist victims of the high profile Flint Water Crisis Prosecution in various ways from the pre-charging stage of the high profile cases all the way through sentencing, most importantly by serving as the liaison between the Assistant Attorneys General (attorneys) assigned to the cases and serving as the main contact person for the Department for victims, answering questions and concerns that the victims may have, advising the victims on issues arising in the case, coordinating court appearances, arranging transportation, making referrals to appropriate social services agencies, and otherwise assisting in the investigation and prosecution of the high profile and/or complex cases in a victim-centered manner. Frequent travel to Flint is required.

Possession of a bachelor’s degree in any major.

Please submit your resume and supporting documents to Pier King Piepenbrok via email at

For questions you can call (313) 456-0525.

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