Support Investigator - Kalamazoo County

Prosecuting Attorney Date Posted: 10/08/2020
Starting Salary: K-7(A) $20.96/hr. Deadline: Until filled
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  

Investigate and process referrals from the Department of Human Services and the Friend of the Court regarding paternity and child support.

Screen and analyze referrals from DHS and FOC, interview prospective clients, review cases for factual and legal sufficiency and other personally reject the case if it is insufficient, or prepare the pleading and authoritatively recommend the case to be filed in court. Seek current financial information for both parties and decide whether to seek further court intervention to modify the support order.

Independently review and maintain client and respondent information in current case files in preparation for trial. The information collected is relied upon, without further verification, by the assistant prosecutor and the court. Conduct pretrial interviews with referred clients, locate and complete service of process on defendants, and use independent discretion to decide whether to initiate a legal action.

Manage genetic testing for paternity cases, coordinate appearance of all parties, and prepare materials for laboratory personnel. Interview and negotiate child support settlements with non-custodial parents. Review and initiate out-of-state legal proceedings under the UIFSA legislation when the non-custodial parent is out of state. Independently handle requests for information and subsequent investigation and legal process from other states when a noncustodial parent is in Kalamazoo County.

Interact daily, in person and on the phone, with staff from the 9th Circuit Court, the FOC, the DHHS, area police agencies and area businesses to obtain information about plaintiffs and defendants for the purpose of establishing appropriate support obligations and to enforce existing child support orders. Conduct criminal investigations (interviews, asset location, court and financial document review and recovery, etc.) obtain and execute arrest warrants, and assist the assistant prosecutor with plea negotiations and trial preparation.

Other duties as assigned.


  • 5+ years of law enforcement investigative experience required
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Law enforcement certification by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written
  • Ability to cope with stress and deal with unpleasant, hostile or dangerous people
  • Ability to use resources effectively to locate noncustodial parents who do not wish to be found
  • Self-motivation and able to work independently
  • Cognizant of all policies of the Prosecutor’s office preferred
  • Cognizant of the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s policies regarding weapons and use of force.

VETERANS: Please provide your joint services transcript with your application.

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