Temp Assistant Prosecuting Attorney - Calhoun

HR #26-2019

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (Temporary)

The Assistant Prosecuting Attorney will be responsible for both misdemeanor and felony cases as well as appeals and other matters as assigned.

Salary Range:    $58,563 - $103,306

Minimum Requirements:    J.D. Degree and Licensed by the Michigan State Bar

Status:    Temporary, Exempt. More than 40 hours per week expected.

Location:    Justice Center – Battle Creek

Position Opening:   4/5/2021    Position Closing:    Until Filled

Only qualified applicants meeting minimum requirements will be considered as having applied for this position.  Please apply on line at http://www.calhouncountymi.gov by completing the Calhoun County Employment Application, along with uploading a current resume and letter of interest.  A job description will be available upon request.  EEO Employer.