Concealed Pistol Licensing Change

Public Act 3 of 2015 significantly changed the manner in which Michigan applicants obtain a concealed pistol permit.  The new law eliminates county concealed weapons licensing boards, and vests the Michigan State Police with responsibility to determine whether an applicant is eligible to obtain a permit.  County clerks will continue to process applications in conjunction with review by MSP.  Highlights of the new law include:

  • Abolishing county gun boards beginning December 1, 2015.
  • Requiring county gun boards to transfer all license applications and official documents in their possession to the county clerk no later than November 30, 2015.
  • Transferring the bulk of duties from the gun boards to county clerks and MSP.
  • Requiring that a CPL be issued to an eligible applicant.
  • Requiring MSP to verify an applicant’s eligibility.
  • Requiring that an applicant have a valid state-issued driver’s license or personal ID card.
  • Requiring MSP to create an online application process for CPL renewals by December 1, 2018.
  • Revising the process to obtain an emergency CPL.
  • Requiring each county to establish a CPL fund for the deposit of funds collected under the acts.
  • Allowing county clerks to fingerprint applicants.
  • Requiring the clerk to issue a notice of statutory disqualification if the applicant is ineligible, or if the license is suspended due to a violation of the Act or new criminal charge.