Crime Victims

Members of the Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan (PAAM) recognize that all crime victims experience loss no matter the type of crime perpetrated. While there are different kinds of losses, each can be profound and change the way you view the world. Emotional trauma is a common element for nearly all victims, you are not alone. The trauma you experience as a crime victim can alter your life but you can learn ways to cope. One of those ways is to assist in the prosecution of the offender.

Michigan's Prosecutors work hard to prevent the secondary trauma associated with prosecution. Secondary trauma can come from different sources including the slowness of the justice system, event postponements and a general feeling of not having a voice. Please know we make every effort to have a criminal case process quickly but this is not always in our control. We are very interested in your thoughts and feelings regarding your victimization. If you would like to talk to the prosecutor in your case please feel free to contact the prosecutor in the county your case is in to set up a personal appointment.

Some people around you will not understand your feelings regarding your victimization. They may not know what to say or do around you. This can include family and close friends. Please understand it is because they are uncomfortable and want to make you feel better but are uncertain how to. Because of this it is helpful for some victims to find others to support and understand them. This is why there are Crime Victim Advocates available in each county prosecutor's office to assist you throughout the court case with impact statements, social services/financial resources and even information regarding court events.

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