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IThe Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan (PAAM) prepared this report as part of our ongoing effort to provide relevant data regarding our criminal justice system. The report will assist in facilitating an open and objective discussion about our prisons, violent crime and public safety. We believe the success and future growth of Michigan ... Michigan Prisoners, Violent Crime and Public Safety:  A Prosecutor's Report

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Each legislative session is two years long. The current legislative session will end in December 2018.  In Michigan, House Representatives may serve three, two-year terms for a total of six years. In the Senate, members may serve two, four-year terms.


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The success of a prosecuting attorney has historically been measured by an analysis of wins and losses in the courtroom.  A calculation of the length of the term of incarceration that dangerous offenders are separated from the people that they choose to victimize.  Michigan’s prosecutors have been extremely successful in that regard; and that success has led to an intense debate in the legislature and in the media regarding the type of defendant we incarcerate and the crimes that they have committed.  As part of that debate much has been alleged by our critics regarding over-incarceration of non-dangerous offenders in our Michigan prison system.  A brief review of   “Michigan Prisoners, Violent Crime and Public Safety: A Prosecutor’s Report” drafted by the PAAM Corrections Committee clearly exposes those allegations as false.

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Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the critics of the Michigan Criminal Justice System make allegations in the public and in the legislature that Michigan’s Prison population is non-violent and not worthy of incarceration.  The media projects an image of corruption and abuse in law enforcement officers that is not supported in our communities.  The public is misled by the claims that prosecutors only seek convictions and not justice.  In reality; our local communities overwhelmingly support the decisions that we make, the convictions that we earn, and the police officers that serve them.  Our local citizens comprise a silent majority of support that endorses the work that we do and puts a high priority on public safety as a core function of government.  Unfortunately, it is the vocal minority that is currently being heard.  It is our responsibility as advocates for public safety to change that.

As advocates and trained professionals we must amplify this message of support for law enforcement from our local communities to the statewide arena.  We must send a message that prioritizes the safety of the public that is supported by accurate information.  We must openly contest those who unjustly criticize our pursuit of justice and level unsupported allegations against our partners in the criminal justice system.  We must become the leaders in our community to promote public safety; joining with law enforcement officers and the silent majority of citizens that share the desire to keep our communities safe.


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The steps taken during the course of a criminal case can be confusing.  The following summary will explain how a case generally progresses through Michigan's criminal justice system. Specific procedures may be - MORE