Health Care Surveyor 9-P11 – Health Care Fraud Division

Job Description

The Nurse Investigator/Analyst position will support the investigative section of the Health Care Fraud Division of the Department of Attorney General. The section investigates Medicaid provider fraud and resident abuse and neglect in resident care facilities statewide. The section also handles special projects as assigned. In carrying out this function the Division tracks and processes all incoming complaints, stores, and catalogs all evidence gathered. This position interfaces regularly with the Division’s investigative section to identify investigations which may result in criminal prosecutions and civil recovery actions. This position will primarily review complaints involving allegations of resident abuse and neglect in resident care facilities and assist with the review of medical records and may be called upon to participate as a member of the investigative team. This position will also identify and complete the background work in support of the Sentinel Project initiative.

Position Description 

Required Education and Experience

Possession of a bachelor’s degree in nursing, psychology, speech and language pathology, social work, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or foods and nutrition, gerontology, pharmacy, or other health-related field.


Health Care Surveyor 9
No specific type or amount is required.

Health Care Surveyor 10
One year of professional experience equivalent to a Health Care Surveyor 9.

Health Care Surveyor P11
Two years of professional experience equivalent to a Health Care Surveyor, including one year equivalent to a Health Care Surveyor 10.

Alternate Education and Experience

Health Care Surveyor 9
Possession of an associate’s degree, Michigan license in good standing as a registered nurse, and two years of registered nurse experience in a nursing home, hospital, hospice, home health agency, or other health care facility.

Additional Requirements and Information

Certification, licensure, or registration commensurate with survey/inspection type/task to be assigned (e.g., licensed registered nurse, registered dietitian, Qualified Mental Retardation Professional, licensed speech pathologist, licensed psychologist, licensed physical therapist, licensed occupational therapist, licensed pharmacist, registered social worker, and certification of gerontology).

Some positions may require Qualified Mental Retardation Professional (QMRP) status.

Some positions may require successful completion of the Surveyor Minimum Qualifications Test (SMQT) in accordance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ standards and procedures.

Please attach a cover letter, resume, and official college transcripts (if applicable) to your application.  

Please note:  Applicants may be screened out for failure to attach the required resume, cover letter and transcripts to their application.  

Starting Rate of Pay:  $53,000.00

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