The Child Abuse Training Services Program (CATS) mission is to promote multidisciplinary expertise in the prevention and management of child abuse by providing professionals with up-to-date information about suspected or alleged sexual or physical abuse, neglect and the training of Forensic Interviewing. Together we can make a difference.
The CATS Program is available to assist your office by conducting specialized training for  prosecutors, assistant prosecutors, law enforcement and child abuse professionals in many areas including, (but not limited to) the following topics: 

  • Forensic Interviewing of Children
  • Human Trafficking and Child Prostitution
  • Preparing for Court
  • Grooming Behaviors
  • Building a Successful Multi-Disciplinary Team
  •  Internet Crimes Against Children
  • Child Trafficking
  • Medical Issues in Child Abuse Cases
  • Prosecuting Authority Figures
  • Drug Endangered Children
  • Suspect Interviewing and Interrogation
  • Training for Schools – Students and Teachers

The Forensic Interviewing of Children Protocol seminar is our most sought after training.  The Protocol is part of Michigan’s Child Protection Law; therefore, each county is required to use only trained Forensic Interviewers.  The CATS program and CWTI (through the Department of Health & Human Services) are the only two approved providers of this training in Michigan.

Internet predators are a threat to our children.  The CATS group has many presentations available to train your staff on Internet Safety, how to investigate internet crimes, digital child sexually abusive material, etc.  We work closely with the Michigan ICAC (Internet Crimes against Children) to bring you the most up-to-date information.