Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Karen Field

Juvenile Justice and School Safety Training Project Director

Karen Field is the Juvenile Justice and School Safety Training Project Director.  Prior to joining PAAM, Karen spent over 23 years with the Washtenaw County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Karen graduated in 1998 from the William & Mary School of Law in Virginia. She began her legal career in Washtenaw County shortly thereafter and worked in a variety of capacities and units within that office. In 1999, after the office received grant funding, Karen developed, implemented, and supervised a juvenile diversion program working out of prosecutor’s office.  Her assignments also included being the First Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in charge of the juvenile unit, handling all aspects of both juvenile delinquency and neglect-abuse cases.

In addition to significant experience working in the juvenile justice realm, Karen also served in the Domestic Violence Unit as the Lead Domestic Violence Prosecutor. She participated in several multi-disciplinary teams and represented the prosecutor’s office in various treatment courts. During her career, Karen was responsible for reviewing thousands of warrant requests and delinquency petition submissions for crimes ranging from traffic offenses to homicides.  Karen conducted trainings for law enforcement and MDHHS Child Protection and Foster Care, and she has presented to numerous community agencies. Karen completed her career in Washtenaw County as the First Assistant of the Juvenile and Probate Unit.

Alia Bittner

Juvenile Justice and School Safety Training Project Conference Coordinator

Alia Bittner is a graduate of Grand Valley State University, where she earned a Master of Criminal Justice Degree in April 2024. During her studies, Alia served on the Juvenile Justice Vision 20/20 board as a student liaison. She also was a graduate assistant for both years during her graduate studies and focused her research on juvenile justice reform. Alia also earned her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Grand Valley State University in April 2022.