A multidisciplinary response is the most effective and best response to violence against women. Accordingly the training responses are designed for and appropriate for a multidisciplinary audience.

The VAW Project provides training through statewide training events and specialized training to meet the unique needs of your local community. Nearly all of the Project's statewide training events are multidisciplinary.

The Project also has a regular schedule of webinars on relevant issues, case law, statutes and trial practice. The webinars are usually short – 45 minutes to an hour – and presented over the lunch hour.

In addition to the statewide seminars the Project's staff is dedicated to providing specialized training created to meet the unique needs of your community. The Project routinely partners with local domestic and sexual violence service providers, law enforcement, coordinated community response committees, sexual assault response teams, and/or prosecutor's offices to provide high-quality, timely training to local communities. Most specialized local trainings are provided at no- or very low cost. Topics for specialized local training include:


  • Investigating violence against women crimes
  • Effective report writing in domestic and/or sexual assault cases
  • Stalking and Cyberstalking
  • Legal updates on statutes and case law which impacts domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking cases
  • Specialized Trial Advocacy

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