New Publication Distribution Process

We have updated the process for distribution of purchased publications through our website.

Each department will have a super user account in charge of distributing publications to other user accounts within their department. As a default, this person will be the user that purchased the manual. When subscriptions are renewed online at the end of the year, the person purchasing the manual through the site will automatically be added as the super user. 

All other user accounts in the office will be granted access to publications through the super user. All users must have their own account on the site before they can be added to the subscription.

Super users can view instructions on how to add sub-accounts to subscriptions here. Access Instructions

This change allows each user to access the manual through their personal account, while maintaining a single subscription and single payment for each department. It also allows offices more freedom to add and remove user access within the department, as you are more familiar with the internal changes to your departments.